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Magic Chest provides you with the tools to go on an adventure and discover a new world every month. In your box, you will find one hand-picked fantasy book and 4-6 bookish and magical items to navigate you through the new world of the month. 

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What people say about us

  1.   „I’m in love“ – Nina 

  2.   „I strongly recommend you to check this subscription box out… There’s hard work and a love for reading behind each of the boxes“ - Sarah

  3.  „What is the epicness of this box? Stunning!“ - Meredith 

  4.   „The little presents are really extremely sweet and enchanting. They fit to the theme fantastically and I’m so happy about every single one of them! I immediately got the next month’s box, too“ - Sarah M. 
  6.  „Absolutely love it!“ – Ivonne 

  7.  „I am beyond excited and seriously considering getting another three months“ – Lily

  8.   „A really great box“ – Laura   

  9.   „I have just gotten my first box and I couldn’t be happier.“ – Lily

  10.  „Magic Chest sent a perfect box this month!“ - Ida  

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